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Why you should use customer testimonials in your print marketing

There are many components that go into print marketing and many ways to ensure print marketing success. What a lot of those factors come down to, however, is trust. Do your customers trust what they are seeing and reading on a piece of print marketing? Skip the gimmicks and be authentic with your audience – […]


Rules to follow when choosing fonts for print ads

  You’ve heard the print vs. digital debate in just about every medium by now. One of the biggest differences between print and digital advertisements is the audience. If you’re crafting a printed advertisement, whether it’s a postcard, billboard, fabric banner or magazine ad, you’ll need to consider who will be reading your advertisement and […]


Does postcard size matter?

Gone are the days when the size of a postcard was one-size-fits-all (aka 4”x6”). Today, postcards come in all shapes and sizes. From a smaller 4” by 6” all the way to 8.5” by 11”, there are a variety of postcard options. Size doesn’t really matter so long as your message is being heard, right? […]