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The rise of maximalism in design

For the past few years, the world of design has been immersed in the trend of minimalism. It has been a popular approach to clothing, furniture, art and as a lifestyle. Minimalism was a way of keeping things simple with bare essentials, basic shapes and monochromatic palettes. However, as minimalism makes its way out, maximalism […]


The best fonts for print advertisements

No matter how well-crafted your call to action is, no matter how perfect the color combinations you use are, the message of your print advertisement can fall flat if you pick the wrong typeface to present it. You want to be sure that the fonts you pick are combination of legible, eye-catching and representative of […]


How to speak graphic design

  If you’ve ever spoken to a graphic designer about their work, you’ll know that they speak their own language. While that can be intimidating, it’s important that companies are able to clearly explain their vision to designers, especially if your team works with them frequently. Learning a handful of graphic design terms is a […]