3 tips for gaining new customers at your next tradeshow

DATE:June 28, 2016

From visibility to establishing a positive reputation, exhibiting at a trade show has many benefits. Your presence, whether big or small, gives you a powerful platform to meet new customers, reach out to your existing client base and build a more established and reliable brand.

Tradeshows can often be packed, however, with exhibitors all vying for visitors’ time and attention. What can your brand do to stand out? Here are three tips:

1. Take the time to listen

You probably have your elevator pitch ready and you can spout the important details in one minute and 30 seconds, and while you’re going to need to be prepared to quickly tell sell them your pitch, you’re going to have to grab their attention before you can do that. It is important to start each interaction at your booth with a series of questions to determine the what your visitors’ wants and needs are. From there, you can modify your pitch so that each issue they are currently facing can be flipped into a benefit that your business provides. Work to build more of a relationship and take the time to listen to your visitor first.

2. Put time and effort into your display

In order to get visitors to come over and talk to you in the first place, you’re going to need to catch their eye with your exhibit display. According to Exhibit Surveys, a leading event market research firm, almost 45% of trade show attendees say they don’t plan to participate in any other exhibitions or events. In other words, you likely won’t see almost half the attendees again at another event. It is important to keep traffic high at your booth and speak to a large number of visitors. People are naturally drawn to fun, bright and grand exhibits at trade shows. Here are a few ways to draw them in:

3. End with a call-to-action

Just like you end your print marketing with a strong call to action, you must end your time visiting with attendees at your exhibit booth with a call to action. Turning attendees into leads requires building awareness of what your brand can do for them and what they should do to make the connection. Persuade them to buy your service of product, whether that be by presenting a live demo of your product or service or setting up a meeting with higher-ups at the company. Make sure that your call to action is specific in the goal you’re looking to accomplish in order to get the attendee to the next step.

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