Choosing the best printing service for your next event

DATE:April 20, 2017


We know event planning can be stressful. There are so many moving parts and so many details ranging in size and importance to think about. Printed materials—handouts, folders, posters, banners etc.—tend to be staples at events. Budgeting for great printer services will allow these materials to reflect well on your event and company.

To help you determine the right printer for you, we’ve put together a quick guide of steps to take in your search for a printing company when planning for your next event.

Step one: Determine what you need and how much

By the time you are ready to look for a printer, you should know what materials you’d like printed and how many of each. If you don’t have exact numbers, most printers can assist you by showing you your options and what each will cost. The best printing companies will offer you this type of assistance every step of the process, so make notes of the companies that put the extra effort in. Most will also offer you references and samples of their previous work so you know the quality you will receive if you decide to go with their services.

Step two: Determine when you need it

Decide when you’d like the materials to be printed. Do you need them weeks before the event so you can stuff folders or is the day before good enough? Will you prefer having them delivered or will you have time to pick them up yourself? Different printing companies, often depending upon their size and the volume of work they produce, will have different timelines for printing. Make sure the company you pick fits within your own timeline as well.

Step three: Pick your materials and method

The type of paper a company uses to print your materials can dramatically alter their look. Do you wanted coated—the typical paper of choice since it keeps your text sharp, the paper color opaque and is ideal for any materials that must be two-sided—or uncoated which tends to be cheaper? Do you want your materials printed digitally or offset? What type of ink? Does the company offer specialty techniques such as embossing and foil printing? Do your research so you know your options at each printing company before determining which can best fit your vision.

We would love to be the print company for your next event! Check out our capabilities and give us a call—we’d be happy to talk you through our process and hear about your printing needs.

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