4 direct mail marketing ideas for December

DATE:December 3, 2015

As December rolls around, many companies look back at the year’s marketing activities, evaluate results and begin planning for the year to come. These strategic year-end activities are necessary, but they may cause a shift in focus and a decline in end-of-the-year marketing campaigns. While it is important to plan for the year ahead, it is also important to finish out the year strong. Other companies may be slowing their marketing efforts in December, but your company can have a competitive edge by keeping your marketing push strong during this month.

Why you need that end-of-the-year push

As the year wraps up, many departments will find themselves with excess budget. Department managers are often looking for opportunities to use up their allocated budgets before the year has ended. These departments can keep their marketing efforts active by sending out direct mail campaigns. Whether it is the final push for a sale in the current year, or ramping up for a busy first quarter, it is important that products and services remain fresh in the mind of customers and prospects, and the key to this is ongoing communication is to avoid missed opportunities.

It is important to keep your marketing efforts going all year long, including December; however, make sure you provide value to your audience by offering informative and helpful direct mail. Treat your database with respect and avoid communications that can be perceived as spam or junk. This can be accomplished through ensuring each communication offers your audience something of interest. Below are a few ideas for end-of-the-year direct mail campaigns.

4 end-of-the-year direct mail ideas

Catalog or product catalog booklet

Catalogs can be powerful direct mail marketing tools, as well as helpful year-end campaigns. If you have not created a catalog in the past, assembling a full catalog of your products may be difficult this close to Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon the idea until next year. Put together a smaller booklet of your top products or services and get that into your customers’ hands instead. Smaller catalogs can be just as effective as a full-sized book, but will not take as long to pull together. You still have some time to make sure your target audience lays eyes on your holiday specials.

Company open house invitation

Customers and clients love seeing behind the scenes and everyday life of companies they are a part of—whether through social media or open houses. What better way to get people in the holiday spirit and share a little behind-the-scenes action than by hosting an open house? Everyone loves a holiday party, especially if they think they might get some free food or drink. Consider inviting the general public into your place of business, giving yourself a chance to introduce yourself and your products or services to potential customers in a relaxed and fun environment.

Holiday promotional postcards

Holiday sales and promotional offers are likely overflowing out of your mailbox during the holiday season, which means standing out from the crowd with your own campaigns may not be easy. Alert your buyers of your biggest holiday deals with a postcard to give customers that last little push they need to visit or order from your online store. Because many do prefer to shop online these days, include the address to your website.

Coupon Flyers

Clearing out old inventory in order to make room for the new year’s products? Offer discounts on specific items in order to encourage customers to purchase that old inventory. Flyers with coupons for those items can spark last-minute purchases from your store. If you do not plan to restock a particular item in the future, consider drastic price cut coupons to seal the deal. Adding a unique code to each coupon can also help you track how many of your holiday coupons are used, in order to help you make decisions regarding coupon campaigns in the future.

If you need help sending out that last-minute, December direct mail campaign, look no further! We have the resources to help you create that year-end push that you need—give us a call.

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