Direct mail trends to use in 2018

DATE:December 15, 2017

There is no denying that we are heading into a more digital age but that does not mean that direct mail is becoming irrelevant. Direct mail offers a secure and intimate form of communication. It is also less noisy than the internet, meaning it’s read-through-rate is higher than an email blast. This means the return on investment (ROI) is high. Sticking to direct mail in 2018 will be crucial.

These are the trends we predict will be popular in 2018 for direct mail.

Personalized engagement

Personalizing the mailing will create a bond to your audience. Long gone are the days of sending out mass amounts of the same direct mail. Smaller amounts of a personalized mailing will give you the results you want to see. Researching your audience before sending out their mailing is growing in importance. Get to know the people you send direct mail to and then design your mailing to appeal to their interests and what is important to them.

Converged media/ integrate offline and online

Whether it is interactive media, landing pages or an email address, integrating your online and offline media is super simple and easy for your audience to follow. Long gone are the days of return forms, offer an email or landing page URL to direct your audience to for correspondence. Making it easier for your audience to find out more information will contribute to the success rate of your direct mail.

Get creative

Think of the design of your direct mail. Your physical piece of mail can say more to your audience than the actual message. Make your direct mail exciting and intriguing. Check out the color trends for 2018 and typography trends for 2018. Consider incorporating these into your print so you stay up to date with your audience. Post cards are the most read through form of direct mail; if you’re choosing to use a post card make sure you know what common mistakes to avoid.

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