A case for direct mail rather than email campaigns

DATE:February 21, 2018

The world becomes more technology driven every year. With this continued emphasis, email has naturally become more popular for marketing uses. However, switching your marketing efforts entirely to email campaigns could actually have a negative effect.

Here are four reasons why sticking with direct mail (or weaving it back into your overall strategy) instead of converting entirely to email is a clever marketing move.

Reason #1: Life span

Life span is the amount of time and attention we give to a message. We live an over-stimulated world, where technology has become less captivating. The life span of an email is only two seconds whereas the life span for it is 17 days direct mail. When consumers have a physical piece of paper in their hand it stimulates more senses than an email. Not to mention, a direct mailing often sits on their counter longer.

Reason #2: Brand recall

Life span directly effects the brand recall after seeing a message. Brand recall is the ability for someone to recall the brand from a memory. Direct mail (75%) has a higher brand recall percentage than email (45%). Because the piece of direct mail has been in the consumers hands, they are more likely to remember it. Often times, emails stay in the “promotions” tab of an email inbox, or worse, get filed straight to spam, never to be seen. Direct mail reliably comes into a mailbox which most consumers check daily.

Reason #3: Response rate

Every year, there are 14 trillion emails sent out which makes it easy for your audience to miss your email. Emails only have a 0.12% response rate when direct mail has a 4.4% response rate. Direct mail’s higher response rate is likely due to the fact that consumers are more likely to see your mail. With filters in emails there is a good chance that your email might not be seen, no matter how clever your marketing is. At some point, direct mail is guaranteed to touch the hands of your consumers, making the likelihood of a response higher than direct mail.

Reason #4: Creativity and options

Direct mail offers more creative options than email. There are plenty of options when creating a direct mail campaign such as postcards, catalogs and dimensional letters. Your direct mail piece can be designed to relay your company’s voice, besides adding a few images, it is hard to personalize an email.

Not to mention the ability for a direct mail piece to capture attention. This Entrepreneur article mentions how during the holidays you look for envelopes that are red and green because you are expecting Christmas cards. Using colors to match the season is an easy way to capture your audience’s attention.

We’re not here to say that you should never use email marketing. But we suggest that the perfect marketing campaign can be created when it’s used in harmony with direct mail. Ready to begin? Let us help!

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