Let’s not forget the Baby Boomers

DATE:August 17, 2015

Millennials now outnumber the Baby Boomer generation and with that, they have the most buying power of any generation, so it is no surprise that marketers are focusing their efforts on this generation. Rightly so, but it’s not quite time to forget about the Baby Boomers just yet.

Baby Boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964, are still 76.4 million strong and account for a quarter of the population. This generation spends close to 50% of all consumer packaged goods dollars, but less than 5% of advertising is geared towards them. Boomers also generally have more expendable money than almost any other demographic group (although this can change rapidly as Boomers are retire).

Considering the overall buying power Baby Boomers still hold, this generation should not be overlooked when considering marketing and direct mail strategies. Here are a few tips to reach Baby Boomers with your direct mail marketing:

1. Take the time

As stated above, less than 5% of advertising is currently geared towards Baby Boomers. Companies that are willing to create direct mail and customer profiles based off what this generation likes and reacts to will likely receive positive impressions with just a little time and effort. In addition to connecting with this generation through direct mail, companies should also engage them online. More than 75% of Baby Boomers are spending their time online, so consider integrating your online and offline marketing strategies to receive favorable responses and build trust. Create an online presence before you start a direct mail campaign, as this demographic will research online before they make a purchase.

2. Show some respect

Baby Boomers were raised during an era when exceptional customer service was always expected. Using great, personalized customer service to your advantage as selling point for your business, products and services will go a long way. Avoid poking fun at this aging demographic when creating your mail pieces – while jokes about their age may be amusing to younger generations, it will turn off Baby Boomers. Be respectful in your direct mail materials to receive the best responses from this generation.

3. Appreciate their history and hobbies

The Baby Boomer demographic enjoys adventure and travel, with mature travelers (ages 55 and up) compromising 36% of leisure travel volume. Include this sense of travel and adventure in your mail materials if possible to capture their attention and show appreciation for their hobbies. In addition, marketers reaching the Baby Boomers should take into consideration their education. This generation tends to be well educated, which means all messages and materials should reflect this. Research your market and understand additional Baby Boomer traits that would be important to include in your direct mail pieces.

4. Be creative, but straightforward

Research creative marketing ideas that will stand out from the rest – take into consideration colors, special techniques and additional unique features to make your piece appealing. However, keep it simple to read and follow. Avoid gimmicky or deceptive messages; Boomers respond best to straightforward, honest approaches that highlight the benefits that your business can offer.

Baby Boomers still have a large amount of buying power, but few advertisers are marketing to them. By taking the time to research and market direct mail to this demographic, companies will see positive responses from this forgotten generation. We can help you design your next direct mail campaign and help you effectively target the Baby Boomer generation.

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