Do’s and don’ts of developing your brand

DATE:July 25, 2018

First impressions go a long way in any industry. Your company’s brand is part of the overall perception that your audience has developed about you. Brand identity is not limited to just a logo but is a part of many applications such as your logo, company colors, print materials, your website (and website’s content), social media, customer service and advertising.

Developing your brand takes a lot of time and thought but is an essential process for every company. Since your brand creates a perception from your audience, it is important to not rush the process as well as to revisit your brand each year to make any needed updates or adjustments. The more thought you put into your company brand, the more likely you will be able to establish a trustworthy relationship with your customers. Because of this, it is important to understand the do’s and don’ts as you begin developing or updating your brand.

Do’s of brand development

  • Do know target audience

A foundational part of building your brand is understanding the people your company wants to reach. Understanding your demographics and audiences will help your company develop strong content marketing campaigns. Some great ways to get to know your audience is by tracking what they like on social media, following who is coming to your site and taking note on what interests them the most. It is also great to use your company reviews to see what your audience likes about your product and what they don’t like. Your target audience plays a major part in how and if your business remains successful. Once you have determined who your target audience is, modify your content accordingly.

  • Do create a mission statement

Now that you know who your marketing tactics are for, it is time to develop your company mission statement. Your mission statement defines a purpose for your company. Developing a mission statement helps your business visualize where they see themselves in the future. Start by outlining goals that you want to achieve as a company. Then these goals and values should be reflected in your brand’s strategy, demonstrating what you stand for and how you represent yourselves to your customers.

  • Do point out what your brand has to offer

What makes your company unique? How do you stand out against your competitors that makes customers want to purchase your product over theirs? When you determine what you have to offer, you are giving your audience a reason to choose your brand.

Don’ts of brand development

  • Don’t neglect to use strong visuals

Finding a visual that can reinforce your marketing strategy will be beneficial in developing your company brand. Visuals help communicate your message. Some examples of a brand visual include Geico’s gecko or Aflac’s duck.

  • Don’t refuse to update your brand

Once a brand has been developed many companies have a hard time with changing or updating their brand. It is okay to update! As the world changes around us, companies learn to adapt to these changes, so they can continue to reach their audiences. It is important to understand that your brand may develop in to something greater as time goes on, and that can be good for the company. Consider revisiting your brand on a yearly basis to check if anything needs to be changed to fit with the mission and direction your company is headed.

  • Don’t be inconsistent

Once your brand has been developed, keeping it consistent throughout all your materials is important. Without consistency your brand can appear unprofessional and lose its identity. Keeping your tone, message, brand colors, logo and content consistent across all marketing channels (campaigns, website and social media) helps your company stand out amongst competitors and help your brand become easily recognized by your audience.

Developing a solid brand is one of the most important aspects of a company, so it is important to not take shortcuts along the way.

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