Go big or go home: The retail benefits of wall murals

DATE:August 15, 2018

Murals are a great way for your business to add pizazz to your store’s interior design. Make your space more inviting with an eye-catching design or a call to action statement for your customers. No matter what you want to display, murals are a great idea for your business to step outside the box and get creative!

There are a variety of wall mural materials to choose from! If you are looking for a material that is easy place on a flat surface, then you will want to use photo text. Photo text is a material that is removable and reusable. Looking for a material that can be used both indoor and outdoor? textured wall vinyl is a great option for you! Whether you need to place a mural add on brick or concrete, this material is easy to install and can last in many different weather conditions. If you would rather have a fabric wall mural with no glare once installed, then use a fabric wall mural. These are printable fabric materials that can be used on a full wall or even in a small conference room. You can find these murals in retail facilities, restaurants, and even museums.

We’ve detailed five reasons a wall mural might be the design addition your store needs:

Makes a statement

When your clients and customers first in to your space, first impressions go a long way. Your décor will be the first thing they see when they walk in. Why not give them something to remember with a mural that makes a statement about your company? Consider using your mission statement, a phrase or two from your company values, customer testimonials, your logo, or even an out-of-the box design. Whatever you choose, this mural will be designed to help your company stand out in your customers’ memories.

Creative eye-catching design

Set your business apart from your competitors with a layout and design that draws your customers in. Whether this mural is for your retail store, or even for your corporate offices, these wall murals are great to catch the eyes of those who are walking by. You are giving your targeted audience a reason to stop and take in your wall. Give your customers or even your employees a positive impression and something to remember.

Drives in sales

The wall mural that you design can be a great tool to drive in sales. You might be thinking, how? Studies have shown that colors spark emotion in consumers, and these emotions are what motivate consumers to act.  For example, the color red can evoke feelings of passion as well as anger and danger, while the color green evokes the feeling of health, new beginnings and wealth. Green can also be used evoke relaxation. Think about the colors and the typography that you use while designing your mural and how these elements will motivate your customers to drive in sales.

More effective than paint

Painting can be a hassle when you are looking to update your retail space. It can take days to complete, depending upon the number of coats you choose. And we’re not even accounting for the dry time. And while a painted wall mural can be a great option, choosing a fabric wall mural instead is very efficient and also very effective (you also don’t have that paint smell). You can place your wall mural on a smooth surface or even a textured surface. So, stop literally watching paint dry and get your wall mural printed and designed today!

Can be used in multiple ways

Wall murals can work in any location. You do not need a massive wall to have the benefit of an effective wall mural. You can place it in a conference room, in your retail store, your lobby of your business to create a more inviting atmosphere. No matter what kind of business you are in, wall murals are great anywhere.

Go big or go home! Are you ready to bring some creativity to your walls? We have the largest solutions to any size idea you have. Let us help!

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