Introducing new typefaces of 2017

DATE:April 10, 2017

New typefaces are created more frequently than you may realize, thanks to the creativity of typeface designers. We’d like to share a few of the coolest new typefaces that you can enjoy this year.

Name: De Worde
Designer: Jeremy Tankard
Foundry: Jeremy Tankard Typography
Release date: January 2017

Named and styled after Wynkyn de Word, assistant to 15th century printer William Caxton, De Worde is an italic-style typeface that uses a mix of flowing cursive and angular strokes to shape letters. It comes in seven different weights, from a slight Extra Light to an impactful Heavy and can be used to create whimsy in places where more stiff, formal fonts are often found.

Name: Masqualero
Designer: Jim Ford
Foundry: Monotype Studio
Release date: March 7, 2017

Inspired by the music of Miles Davis as heard during a drive through a Midwestern snowstorm, Jim Ford describes Masqualero as “the black tuxedo or stiletto heel” of fonts, for dressing up words in their finest. It’s certainly eccentric and bold, perfect for packaging design, logos or headlines. Masqualero comes in eight weights and is a dual-natured serif design.

Name: Eroika Slab
Designer: Dave Towland
Foundry: Schizotype
Release date: January 2017

Another eye catcher, Eroika Slab is a wide stance typeface with tight spacing, flared stems and old-style figures. Because of its vertical serif cut offs and foot serifs, Eroika slab stands out among other serif typefaces. This sturdy type, available in 10 different fonts, is great used on packaging design, book covers or print pull quotes.

Name: Sua
Designer: Fabio Haag
Foundry: Fabio Haag Type
Release date: February 2017

The clean, prominent lines of Sua make it an easy read, especially thanks to wideset letters and seven weights to choose from. These characteristics give the typeface a perfect place in headlines or even short text passages.

We’re making an exception for the next typeface, created in mid-2016, since we enjoy it so much.

Name: FS Siena
Designers: Jason Smith and Krista Radoeva
Foundry: Fontsmith
Release date: July 21, 2016

This typeface stands out from other Modernist typefaces as a rare contrasted sans serif, inspired by Roman stone cut lettering’s stroke variations and reminiscent of the 1950’s Art Deco movement.  Siena was named after the Italian city of the same name and is perfect used for media, design and advertising in creative industries, thanks to its’ thin, elegant curves and contrast. The typeface consists of seven weight ranges and is versatile enough to be used in headlines and display text or body copy.

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