Tools for tracking ROI on your print marketing

DATE:October 7, 2016

Measuring ROI on your print projects is important for understanding how effective your print campaigns are. When you design your direct mail or print marketing pieces, you are likely deciding what you want people to do with your ads when they read them. But what tools are available for you to actually track the ROI on your print? We’ve got a quick list to help.

1. Simply ask them

One of the easiest, cheapest tools you have to track your print marketing ROI is already in your tool belt—simply ask your customers how they found you or chose your product when they purchase. Seems simple enough, but many businesses fail to ask their customers this. Whether in person or over the phone, ask your customers how they are finding your business.

2. Call tracking services

Call tracking will allow your business to use call tracking companies like Twillio or CallFire to link each call to a specific marketing number. You can buy a unique telephone number so that you can track how many calls you get from each campaign, the duration, caller ID and more. Whatever your marketing channel is, call tracking is a great way to understand which channels are most effective.

3. Unique URLs

Not all your customers are going to pick up the phone—they would rather visit your website. Unique URLs are a great tool for measuring your marketing effectiveness.

In order to create a unique URL your business must purchase that URL or simply create a folder or subdomain for a URL your business already owns. These unique URLs should be different “landing” pages, or pages that can be identical but are in different web locations. This allows you to more easily track your marketing channels by tracking the visitors to and activity on these separate pages.

  • Bitly – Bitly is the URL shortener that shows you real-time data for clicked links. It is often used for things like shortening URLs in social media posts, you can also use Bitly URLs in print ads.
  • Vanity URLs – A vanity URL is a custom-branded URL that’s easy to remember and share. Vanity URLs go to a specific landing page where you’ll find the advertised offer.

4. A/B Testing

A/B testing tests version A against version B to measure which of the ad versions is the most successful based on the metric you’re concerned with. Simply put, send out two versions of your mailer and track which one is more successful at meeting your goal.

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