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Effectively marketing to Generation Z

Generation Z, also known as the Centennials, is the percentage of the population born from 1998 through 2016. They are the most racially diverse generation and the first generation who have only known life with advanced technology. Since Gen Z also makes up 26% of the generation population, the largest single populated segment, and its […]


Stand out with handwritten fonts

The name says it all: handwritten fonts, sometimes called script fonts, are a type of typography designed to imitate penmanship. This style of typography brings a certain personality to its design, whether it is classy yet fun or formal but personal. Using handwritten fonts has benefited print marketing campaigns. By choosing a typeface that looks […]


4 Ways to integrate video into your marketing campaign

When used strategically, video can become an increasingly powerful tool for brand awareness and marketing. One 2018 study showed that millennials prefer YouTube over television. GenX and baby boomers are the fastest growing age demographic for video marketing. This means there is a wide range of audience demographics to reach through video. Video is especially […]