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4 typography trend predictions for 2019

Whether your brand prefers to do its own thing or test out the trends, we’ve put together a list of predictions for 2019 typography trends.


Voice shopping: Is it the next big thing in retail?

In the U.S alone, 47.3billion adults own a voice-powered device. These devices (think Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Home) have become part of the family, but are they becoming a new trend in the retail industry? Voice shopping is exactly what it sounds like: using a voice-powered device to purchase an item or to add […]


Modernizing your business brochure

Are your business brochures a fixer upper? We have mentioned it before; your business doesn’t need to make do with brochures that don’t represent you well. New graphic design programs are very easy to use and gives you fun interactive ideas for your brochure design. If you’re looking to modernize your brochure’s design and style, […]