Planning your 2018 marketing strategy


The new year approaching, planning your 2018 marketing strategy should be at the top of your to-do list. Here is a guide to help you get started.

Revisit your budget

Review your budget—where do you stand? It is important to critically analyze how your budget and actual numbers reflected each other in 2017. This will give you knowledge on what is working and what isn’t. After knowing this information, you will be able to adjust accordingly for the upcoming year.

Our advice: Be realistic with your budget. The more realistic you are with how much your company spends and makes, the more helpful it will be for you plan your year.

Review your target audience

Review who your major audience was in 2017. Are you effectively marketing to them? If not, reevaluate your target audience. Do you want to see a change in 2018? Updating your target audience through persona development can help you gain insight on how to best market your business in 2018. Staying relevant with your target audience is important. Make sure you are up to the times with how they communicate.

Our advice: Use social media management tools to narrow down who your true audience is.

Research the industry

Checking in on how your industry is doing will give you a good sense of what to expect in 2018. Knowing the statistics and other industry-related information should help you develop a successful marketing strategy. Keep up to date with any major changes as well. Knowing whether there are any new products, new businesses or new laws that could potentially impact your business will help your company be prepared for anything.

How well did your competitors do in 2017? You should already be checking your competitor’s websites, blogs and forums frequently. Now, you want to summarize their year. Where your competitors stand at the end of 2017 will be a good stick of measurement for how your business is keeping up with your competition.

Researching your industry will help gain insight into what your customers are expecting, currently and in the future. Public forums and comment sections are a simple way to stay in tune with your customers. Listen to the needs of your audience, this will give you valuable feedback.

Our advice: Don’t be afraid to communicate on public forums or comment sections. This will show your customers that you are hearing them and you care what they have to say.

Set clear goals/ objectives

After reviewing yourself and your industry, you will need to reevaluate your goals and objectives for 2018. Goals are a clear destination to where you want your business to be by a specific time. Objectives are what you need to accomplish to get there. Setting goals and objectives will help your business grow and will create an understanding of the direction your business is heading.

Our advice: Use SMART goals. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely.

Research trends

When it comes to visualization, there are new colors, new designs and fonts that are popular each year. Now that we’re to the end of 2017, 2018’s design aspects have been predicted and shared across all channels. Read our typography trend blog to learn more about what to expect for design in 2018. Not to mention that there is a whole new set of color palettes that are a must-use for your campaigns in 2018.

Researching projected industry trends will help you craft a marketing strategy that will be successful in the new year.

Our advice: Only use trends that relay your brand image, don’t just choose at random.

Please reach out if you have any questions about creating your marketing strategy for 2018. Keep up with our blog for trend predictions in the world of direct mail, printing and design!

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