4 graphic design trends to experiment with in 2019


The trend cycle moves quickly thanks to the online world, but we can credit the digital age for allowing us to keep better tabs on what’s coming into popularity, too, and how it influences the print and design industries. Pantone announced their color of 2019 as “Living Coral,” a bright, energetic shade meant to uplift and inspire. Graphic design will follow suit, bringing engaging and eye-catching design trends to the industry this year.

Try your hand at one of these four graphic design trends to see what feels most in line with your brand.

1.Custom illustration

Though custom illustration in design has been trendy for a few years, this authentic design style isn’t going anywhere. However, 2019 will bring a simple, more delicate style to popularity. Look for these types of illustrations in the form of soft botanical drawings and natural textures in packaging design. Another fun way to employ this trend: layering a hand-drawn image or text over a photograph or pattern to make a statement.

2. Minimalism…but paired with bold typography

Another tried and true trend is minimalism. Pared down elements in design put a big emphasis on the message. This design style will stay this year but what will change are the typefaces used in minimalist designs. When paired with a messy, dramatic or bold font, minimalist designs are taken to the next level—from orderly and clean to modern and eye-catching. This is a great way to give an old trend a new, exciting spin.

3. Open composition

To continue the move into a new type of minimalism, open compositions will come back into style. For years, minimalist designs kept everything in line and organized in the frame. Open composition tends to embrace a slightly more maximalist approach by giving the viewer a zoomed-in perspective while the picture or design continues off screen. Designs like this make an impact and will be especially prominent in digital forms such as websites and online advertisements.

4. Animation

In early 2018, Instagram added GIFs as a sticker option for users to add to their Instagram Stories or send to their friends. These animations add a fun element of extra personality to the platform, something that graphic designers will echo in 2019. Animated images on a website, digital ad or app are yet another way designers will fight to catch the attention of their audience. Whether the entire design is animated or just one section, this trend will allow designers to give their creations new life and a fun, personal touch.

What other design trends do you see taking center stage this year? Tweet us your guesses! Or, check out the Imagine! Express blog for more print and design industry news, trend predictions and advice.

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