4 current retail packaging trends


Did you know, there is a connection between brands looking to engage consumers on a personal level and what their expectations are for product packaging that engages? Check out these 4 current retail packaging trends below and consider incorporating some of these elements into your own designs in order to better engage your consumers:

Transparency: Literally and figuratively

Customers want brands to be more honest and transparent than ever before, which means brands must be giving shoppers a peek into their products before they even buy them. Packaging has less clutter, and clear details on what ingredients and safety measures go into making the product. This trend includes clean labeling and a view of the product inside the package.

Simplicity is key

Brands who make it very clear how their product will make the customer’s life more simple will likely see success in their product packaging. One great example of clear design is Tylenol’s Care+ packaging, in which the face of the package simply proclaims: “I have a Cough,’ or ‘I have a Fever.” People coming down the aisle to find a quick fix for their aching throat don’t want to take the time to read the tiny instructions on the back of each box to find which medication is right for them. Tylenol’s packages make it immediately clear which bottle a sick person will want to grab. Keep in mind, however, simplicity does not always mean “less is more.”

Tending towards old-fashioned

It seems that many styles have come full-circle, and the ornately old-fashioned look is back in. Customer’s have a fresh appreciation for that handcrafted, detail-oriented look incorporated into today’s products. You will notice calligraphy, letterpress and foiling all making their way back onto brand’s packaging.

Displayed on your shelf

Product shelf life just got even longer—consumer’s are looking for pretty packaging that can sit out on their shelves at home too. Products that may have once been tucked away in the pantry or bathroom closet are now being displayed on open shelves in consumer’s homes. The more aesthetically appealing your product packaging is, the longer you might find it sitting out in the open.

Consumers usually make a decision to purchase a product based solely off instincts and reactions—specifically they select packages based off color, shape and familiarity of location. Your product packaging is one of the keys to motivating consumers to choose your product. Check out these 6 tips to creating successful product packaging, and don’t forget to incorporate some of the trends mentioned above!

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