The 4 Ms of print


There is a lot to consider when creating and sending out print marketing for your business. What if we told you you could narrow all these considerations down to the 4 Ms of print to help ensure you’re putting time into the most important elements of your materials?

Here are the 4 important elements you should be focusing on when creating your next print project:

1. Market

Identifying your target audience before creating your print materials will help your print be more effective and efficient. If you are selling to companies, you will want to be reaching the right people in those companies. If you are selling to consumers, you need to be interacting with the right demographics. Start by building a solid demographic base, determining who has a need for your product or service and who is most likely to buy it.

2. Message

The right print marketing message will grab your readers’ attention, keep them reading and spark interest. The message must communicate in clear, concise and focused language, because your potential readers will only give you a few seconds to grab their attention. Start with a headline that catches their eye, sparks interest in your product and conveys your message efficiently. Choose fonts that are not difficult to read. And always edit your message to avoid spelling or grammar errors—this prevents your brand from seeming sloppy, builds credibility and saves you time and money.

3. Medium

What size should your direct mailing postcard be? What types of paper textures are available? Your final product is going to be a personal preference, but always ask your printer what options you have. For instance, when it comes to handouts, there are many different folds and sizes to choose from. Contact your printer after your design is completed to find out what different features, sizes and styles they can offer you. Here is a list of common finishing services and what you might need them for.

4. Master plan

Your master plan, or layout, is the way you will put all the elements together to create your final piece. Your layout should have a focal point—usually the picture or headline—that readers’ eyes will land on and grab his or her attention. Then the white space, graphic and text elements should direct your readers’ eyes through the copy, ending with your company name and contact information.

If executed correctly, each of these elements will help enhance your print marketing message, make your materials more efficient and help your business reach your goals.


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