4 retail trends for the new year


One thing you might already know about us is that we like to stay up to date on the latest retail industry trends. With the new year creeping up, we have dug into the research done about trends the retail industry will see in 2019. Be sure to keep an eye out for these four trends in the industry.

Trend #1: Experiences sell

Giving your consumers an experience while they shop is going to play a big role in the new year. This experience starts the moment they walk through your doors or new the printed materials your send to them. Your brand, marketing, and even your staff all play a part in the experience you are portraying.

Selling an experience over a product can drive loyal customers to give you free-of-charge marketing via word-of-mouth. Setting up a shop that sells experiences will pull customers in with delights and memorable moments that motivates them to share with other potential customers. Think about your marketing efforts. Are they creating a memorable experience? This experience includes your store’s décor, your customer service as well as your brand’s online content,

Trend #2: Continued popularity of online shopping

The convenience of online shopping has become more of a lifestyle than a fad. Consumers are drawn to the idea of a fast and easy way to shop without having to leave their home. This is a great opportunity to increase your company’s online presence. Increase your engagement on your social media channels, create online ad campaigns, or send physical mailers about your online sales.

As online shopping continues to evolve, so should your marketing efforts to reach those online customers. Staying up with the new online trends are going to help not only increase your consumers but also increase your brand awareness.

Another way you can target online customers is by tracking your social media and website statistics. This will tell you what your audience is most interested in interacting with on social media, what pages they spend the most on when visiting your website and what products interest them the most. Tracking these analytics helps your business grow in the right direction.

Trend #3: BOPIS

Staying up-to-date with the new online trends are going to help not only increase your consumers but also increase your brand awareness. One trend that is continues to grow in the retail industry today is BOPIS (buy online, in-store pickup). This trend is a way to initially target online consumers then give them the in-store experience they are looking for. This experience will be shown through your signage, print materials, colors, brands, and content throughout your store.

Trend #4: Power of social media

Retailers are utilizing mobile social media apps to improve online shopping experiences. Both Facebook and Instagram have developed their own marketplace that allows users to sell their products through the social network. Putting your brand on these social media pages is another great way you can reach a wider audience. Scrolling through these social channels is a normal routine for individuals today, making it a great promote your products.

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