4 techniques to create a successful direct mail campaign



Though it may be hard to believe, direct mail marketing is still one of the most successful types of marketing used today. In 2015, the DMA Response Rate Report confirmed that direct mail had outperformed digital channels in response rates. While digital channels combined only earned a response rate of 0.62%, direct mail received a 3.7% response rate with a house list and a 1.0% with a prospect list.

Since many companies believe that digital marketing is their best bet for meeting their marketing goals, direct mail has become a less competitive playing field. If that’s enough to convince you that your company should be using direct mail, read on. Understanding techniques of how to create an effective direct mail campaign is a great place to start.

1. Identify your target audience

Using the buyer’s journey is a great way to determine who your audience is and what they will want out of any direct mail marketing. The more specific you can be in your selection of customers to send, the more effective your campaign will be because it will be directed at the most receptive group.

2. Create a clear call to action

What are you asking the receiver to do and why? Attend an event, come to a consultation, visit your store for the current sale? Be clear in your message and convey a sense of urgency by mentioning deadlines.

3. Design and print

Decide the layout, fonts, colors, and types of paper that will accurately reflect your company and the campaign. Keep in mind that the amount of paper and its weight can affect the cost of printing.  When you’re through deciding, get in touch with a great print company like Imagine! Express and we can talk about your printing options.

4. Test your campaign

Test marketing is one of the top ways you can determine your best target audience and the aspects of the campaign that work best. Using the results of your test on your final campaign can help your company improve the type of mail it sends, which will result in increased business and audience engagement. We’ve written more about the how-to’s and the whys of test marketing in this post.

We are so confident in direct mail that we have a whole section of our blog dedicated to it. Take a look and then get in touch with us for your next print job.

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