4 tips for designing effective product labels


Your product packaging labels have a lot of power to sway potential buyers to purchase your product. For this reason, a lot of thought must go into designing these product labels. Here are 4 tips for designing labels that make an impact on the shelf:

1. Research your competitors

Your brand is likely already researching the competition, but it is important that this information be communicated to the individuals who are designing the package labeling. Your designer should be aware of the brands you are competing with and what their designs look like (so as not to appear too similar).

2. Determine your target audience

While the temptation is to try and sell your product to everyone, doing so can be costly and much less productive than trying to reach a specific group of people in society. Your target audience, or target market, refers to the group of people that you or your business is looking to reach and communicate with. Pitching your product or services to the wrong person or market, will be just a waste of time and money. Your target demographic will help your designer determine which fonts, colors and images to use to best attract the eye of your demographic.

3. Create an informational hierarchy

What information and details must be present on your finished label in order for your target demographic to be attracted to your product? For instance, if you are selling a food product that reaches health-conscious, environmentally-friendly Millennials, you will want to include “organic” or “gluten-free” on your label if these details apply. Create a list of the facts or details that you should be including on your product label in order of importance and give this list to your designer so they can fit in the important details.

4. Choose your materials

Choose the materials, shapes and sizes for your product label that will best grab the attention of shoppers in the store. Keep in mind who your target demographic is and what materials and shapes will best appeal to them. There is a whole array of paper, textures and finishes that are available for print, and they each have a different affect on your viewers.

Go beyond just your product labels and make sure you are designing retail packaging, as well, that will appeal to your audience. Check out these 4 current retail packaging trends for some inspiration.

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