4 Tips for better direct mail holiday campaigns



The holiday season is fast approaching and so are your competitors’ holiday direct mail campaigns. How will yours measure up this season?

77% of consumers sort through their physical mail as soon as they get it. What does that mean? When you send out direct mail, your targeted consumer sees it the day their mail arrives. Unlike email, where all advertising emails are filtered straight to the ‘promotions’ inbox, some to never be seen by your consumer. Consumers are more likely to open their mail during the holiday season, which makes a direct mail campaign an excellent way to go.

Try using these four tips to create an effective direct mail campaign during the holidays.

Tip one: Timing is everything

Timing is crucial when it comes to sending out your own direct mail campaign, especially during the holiday season. How do you decide when to send out your campaign?

First, you’ll need to decide on your target market (tip two). Research is your friend. Research when your target market is most likely to shop. Are they a part of the 18% of consumers who shop on Black Friday or the 34% that shop in early to mid-December?

Lastly, don’t forget about the weather. How has winter season weather been? Is a snow storm in the forecast? These elements can shape when you want to send out your direct mail and even what you will say in the campaign.

Tip two: Know your target market

Direct mail campaigns will be more effective if you have a specified target market rather than mass producing one campaign to all households. Focusing on a certain demographic or a geographic area will increase your chances for a response rate. By targeting that specific group, you can narrow down what the household may be in search for.

Tip three: Solve a problem

Every holiday season, consumers have the same dilemma: what to buy their loved ones. You can help solve this answer with your direct mail campaign. This is where advertising your coupons, sales and contests will be effective. Offering a solution to their gift-giving dilemma early in the decision-making process reflects positively on your company. Word of mouth is an extremely important marketing tool. If you offer a great deal during the holiday season, your consumer is very likely to spread that to those close to them.

Tip four: Design with the time in mind

Your design can either make or break your holiday campaign. Use colors, fonts and pictures that will reflect the holiday cheer. Keep in mind what type of mailing you are using, whether it be a post card, flier, magazine or something in between. The paper you choose for your campaign can also make a huge difference; make sure your choice reflects your idea for your campaign.

On top of the visual design, wording is very important. Understanding the importance of copywriting is the first step. The effectiveness of your direct mail campaign relies on your ability to strategically deliver words that will encourage your consumers to take action.

Feeling good about your holiday campaign now that you’ve followed these tips? Imagine!Express would love to be responsible for printing and mailing it for you. Get in touch today!

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