4 tips to creating a great billboard


Billboard advertisements have been around our roads for centuries. It is uncommon for these advertisements to go unnoticed by motorists driving by. To help your billboard create an instant impact we have some rules for you to keep in mind when planning for your next billboard advertisement.

Tip #1 Location is everything

Before purchasing a billboard, it is important to do your research first. Ask yourself what, where and when.  What is your overall objective for placing this billboard? Where is your target audience from and where is the largest amount of traffic? When will your ad be seen the most? Knowing your audience and researching your demographic before purchasing this type of ad will be a great way for your business to run a successful billboard advertisement.

Tip #2 Keep simple and safety in mind

The most effective billboards are the ones that keep their messaging simple. It is important not to distract drivers from the road. Plus, with motor vehicles moving at an average pace of 60-70 miles per hour, your audience has a limited about of time to look at your advertisement. By keeping your message simple and easy to read, drivers will have time to take in your advertisement without endangering themselves or other drivers. Simple messages still have the power to impact in your customer’s purchasing decisions.

Tip #3 Be bold

Your goal is to craft a billboard ad that will be the center of attention for the short amount of time drivers are passing by. It is important to think like a billboard! Think big and think bright! Design your ads with a large enough font that is easy to read and stands out. Stay away from colors that blend in with the geographical scenery around your ad. Be catchy with a memorable phrase or image. Remember to also think outside of the literal box with your billboard design. Consider unusual shapes or pop-outs that stand out from other rectangle billboards along the road. Check out these great examples from Canva of billboards that are bold and stand out.

Tip #4 Make sure contact information is present

Lastly, be sure to incorporate your company website, social media channels and, at the very minimum, your contact information or directions to your nearest location. This way when motorists are influenced by your ad, they know how to reach you to make their purchase.

If you have vision for your next billboard in mind, stop by our office or give us a call! We would be happy to brainstorm some design ideas with you and then bring your billboard to life.

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