4 Creative ways to use fabric printing in retail


As design and promotion materials progress, retail stores are looking for exciting new ways to capture the attention of their customers. Creating a memorable experience for the customer includes the aesthetic of their surroundings. Filling a retail space with visual dimension and creating an appealing setting is how this is done. As retail locations become more fabric friendly, soft signage is taking over and adding more to the overall shopping and retail experience. Integrating printed fabric within the displays, merchandise and already existing advertisements is an inexpensive way to visually engage with customers.

If you haven’t thought about using fabric printing or you’ve been on the fence, here are a few ways to get you started:

1. Decor

Every retail space includes displays of some kind. This is a good place to start when considering printed fabric and how to use it. There are few limitations with what can be printed on fabric – images, words, colors and even patterns are all great options! Do you have a summer line of clothing or home goods? Use images that represent the current theme and that interact with the collection. Display it above the merchandise. Or perhaps print a composition of words that you want the viewer to think of as they explore the space and products. Not only can you print a wide variety of content, you can also be creative in the placement of fabric. Place it behind the product, above the display or get sculptural with it. The lighter weight of printed fabric allows for an easier installment, which includes greater freedom for how and where it is placed.

2. Wall Murals

Maybe you have considered painting a mural in your retail space or you love the idea of have a backsplash that is grand in size to accompany the products. Generally, printing something large in size on materials other than fabric can become expensive very quickly. Large décor like this will also likely require professional installment. However, this is not the case with a printed fabric mural! The expense is lower; the installment can be done on your own and it is available in large sizes.

Another perk is a fabric mural is not permanent. Keep it hung for as little or as long as you want, which allows you to create new backdrops as needed.

3. Outdoor Advertising

The use of fabric for outdoor advertising is a great resource to take advantage of. Create inexpensive advertising for your business that can be placed outside of the retail space, such as signs, flags and banners. Using eye-catching shapes and colors that will grab the attention of those passing by. Outdoor advertising is your moment to tell your audience what you have to offer, what your business is about, deals or sales that may be taking place and what they can expect to find – all before entering the retail location.

4. Fabricating Display

Fabricating large structures and displays is a fun and simple way to make your displays stand out in a crowd and compete with other retailers. Wrap, fold, cover or drape your printed fabric to accommodate your needs and aesthetic. Exploring this way of presentation will allow and cultivate different experiences for the audience. Make it different and make it unique to your location!

Allow these ideas to inspire more concepts, specifically ideas that are exclusive to you and will help promote your business. Finally, you should play, have fun and think big!

If you weren’t sold before, perhaps now you’re ready to take the plunge into the world of printed fabric and soft signage. We’d love to assist you in your foray into fabric signage- it’s one of the things we do best!

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