5 tips for creating eye-catching tradeshow booths


The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” does not apply to tradeshow booths. Everyone judges a tradeshow booth on its design; from your color choice to business card design – people are paying attention.

Making your booth stand out at a tradeshow does not have to be expensive. Follow the tips below for cost-effective and eye-catching ways to design your tradeshow booth.

5 design tips for your tradeshow booth

1. Ditch the table

That table across the front of your booth is uninviting. It makes you look closed off and separates you from your potential customers – so get rid of it. If you need table space for literature, use one or two small, high-top tables to put on either side of your booth. In addition to making your booth more welcoming, ditching the table gives you more space for making an interactive booth. You have room to invite people into your booth for a game during lunch or to host product demos.

2. Be blunt

Tradeshows are overwhelming and exhausting. Attendees are moving fast and spending mere seconds deciding if a booth is worth their time; don’t make them waste any of that time guessing what your brand and booth are all about. A clear message on your signage is going to be what wins people over at a tradeshow.

3. Be consistent

Branding is all about consistency. You want people to recognize your colors and logo – so keep them consistent across all mediums. Your banners and signage need to match you business cards and literature so when people get home from the event, your marketing materials remind them of your booth and the positive experience they had there.

4. Bring an iron

Fabric tablecloths and banners are decorative elements that soften up your booth, but wrinkles kill the mood. Traveling will cause wrinkles, so you can’t iron it at home and you don’t want to rely on your hotel for an iron. Bring a nice one.

5. Give better SWAG

Tradeshow attendees could open an office store with the number of pens they collect over the course of an event; pens with your logo are great for around your office or to hand out at meetings, but not for trade shows. Make your swag unique to your brand. If you are in the health care industry, hand out branded thermometers or first aid kits. If you are in the accounting industry, hand out a branded calculator with notes about correctly doing your taxes. All these examples guarantee people will be seeing your logo when they need you most.

In a sea of booths and swag, people are attracted to the brands that put time and thought into their booth – use this to your advantage. Lure them in with a beautiful display and win them over with your pitch. Need more ideas? Give us a call, we can help!

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