6 secrets for successful product packaging


Most consumers make decisions on which products to buy purely based off instincts and reactions. Eye-tracking studies show that consumers read, on average, only seven words in an entire shopping trip, which means they are instead buying instinctively by color, shape and familiarity of location.

Below are 6 secrets to creating successful packaging that will catch the eye of shoppers.

The 5-year-old test

If you can describe your brand to a five-year-old, send them into a store to find it, and have them actually pick out the product, your brand package has created an iconic connection. The key to this iconic connection is to have a distinctive brand mark that will keep consumers coming back and looking for it every time they are at the store. For example, if you ask a child to find the blue package with a black and white cookie and a glass of milk, they will come back with Oreos.

Show your lighter side

Elements of wit and humor create emotional connections with consumers and break through the clutter industry clutter. When Redhook beer revamped their packaging, they created a series of label headlines that used their distinctive brand voice to describe each flavor. Their Long Hammer IPA is “a big fan of dry hopping, which sounds much dirtier than it is,” and their Copper Hook “thinks gold and silver are way overrated.”

Opt for a throwback

Whether it’s posting a throwback photo on Instagram or watching your favorite NFL team play in their old-school jerseys, our culture loves bringing back a classic look. The same is true for brands and their packaging. Many companies are bringing back classic designs and flavors to create a sense of nostalgia and remind consumers why they first fell in love with a brand. It’s about recreating an emotional connection and building a bridge to the evolution of the brand.

Establish authentic partnerships

After many brands loosely incorporated the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon to their products, consumers began to criticize brands that were falsely advertising partnerships with causes. If your brand is considering partnering with a charitable organization, your company should be completely committed and the cause should align closely with your overall brand.

Pick appealing colors

Color is one of the most important elements when it comes to designing your packaging. Color can make your design pop and give it a unified appearance. Take the time to pick out the best colors for your product, and keep in mind of your brand and target audience.

Design with your store in mind

It is important to keep in mind where your product is going to be sold. For example, if you’re designing a package that will need to be displayed in the freezer section of the grocery store, think about how the doors could obscure your design. When designing your product packaging, consider the obstructions, layout and other elements that will influence how your product is seen on the shelf by consumers.

Effective packaging helps consumers understand at a glance, who, what and why the product is relevant in their life. Let us help you create eye-catching packaging that will get your products sold!

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