6 ways to be a better designer


A true designer never stops learning and refining their craft. Design styles, tools and techniques are constantly changing and improving and thus, designers need to do the same.

Fortunately, becoming a better designer doesn’t require a large investment of time or money; you just need to commit to turning some small, manageable tasks into habits.

6 ways to be a better designer

  1. Make mistakes

    Don’t waste your time and energy waiting for the perfect design to come to mind; start working and make mistakes. Mistakes are how you learn and often how great discoveries are made.

  2. Work with others

    It can be easy for creative types to get stuck on the computer designing all day and miss opportunities to socialize with other designers; don’t let this happen. Whether in-person or online, work or network with other designers. You will undoubtedly learn new tricks and find inspiration.

  3. Focus on one thing

    We understand the desire to want to be a master at all things design, but you can’t master everything at once. You will find more success focusing on obtaining one new skill set at a time.

  4. Design for yourself

    Take at least a couple of hours per week to put aside client work and design something for yourself. Work on a big design project or just act on whatever is inspiring you at the time. This personal time will remind you that designing is fun, not just work.

  5. Watch the trends

    It is easy to get in a routine and reuse the same basic design ideas for all your projects. To get out of your rut, sign up for a design website’s e-newsletter or follow design accounts on social media and make time to read the articles.

  6. Say no

    You can say no to work sometimes and for sanity’s sake, you should. It may seem counterintuitive to work less to become a better designer, but you are going to do better, more meaningful work when you are not overwhelmed.

Do what you need to do to commit to the above tasks, whether it is marking your calendar or having a friend or coworker hold you accountable. Your clients count on you to be aware of the trends and to provide them with your best work.

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