Company update: New machines and the rise of fabric printing


Fabric print is on the rise in North America, replacing other forms of signage, and Imagine! Express is leading the charge by providing high capacity and high quality print capabilities to all our customers.

This spring, Imagine!Express purchased the Reggiani Pro 340, a machine which allows us to continue to provide our signature high quality print capabilities on fabric and textile materials.

We spoke with our president, Mike Lecus, about our new capabilities and why fabric printing such a trend in the printing industry right now.

Q: What’s the deal with fabric printing?

A: The fabric industry, also known as the soft-signage industry, is one of the fastest growing market spaces in the digital print market today in the US.

Q: Why do people use fabric rather than rigid signage materials?

A: I get asked this question a lot. Of course, each situation can vary slightly but using fabric can offer many key advantages, the first of which is to print seamlessly up to 126 inches in one direction by then length of the roll in the other.

Second, it’s lightweight, allows for easy handling and its flexibility allows for a more compact shipping container. Both of those things combined allows you to drastically lower your shipping costs.

Lastly, with the advancements in the digital dye-sub print technologies, the print quality if as good, if not better, than the standard digital print methods.

Q: What are some benefits of using fabric printing?

  • Displays can be changed in 1⁄4 of the time without tools or special labor
  • Fabric displays are lightweight, can be folded and stored in small containers
  • Fabric has a perceived richer feel
  • Material is environmentally friendly, contains no toxins and is recyclable
  • Fabric will better represent products being sold by the retailer
  • Fabric displays can be washed and ironed for repeated use
  • Cheaper to ship and you will reduce your carbon footprint

Q: What are Imagine!Express’ goals for the new machine?

A: As our fabric business continued to grow, we were looking to increase capacity, while maintaining our high-quality standards. With the EFI Reggiani printers, we identified a robust solution that not only increased our capacity by 5%, but expanded our color gamut and sharpened the definition on our prints.


If you’re looking to try out fabric printing, give us a call! We’d be happy to introduce you to one of the quickest growing trends in the print industry.

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