Advice for graphic designers looking to improve their skills



A good employee always looks for ways to improve and expand their skills, and this holds true for those in the design industry as well. Here’s a few quick words of advice for graphic designers looking to grow.


Whether you have a college degree in graphic design or are self-taught, learning from other professionals is always beneficial to any professional looking to improve their skills. Maybe you’ve already had training in aspects of design theory, even so, you can never know it all. Learning from others is a great way to make connections in your industry—be inspired by what other designers are doing and receive a refresher on graphic design concepts like grid theory, color theory and typography.

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Branching out from your usual style of design can help you discover new talents and give you fresh inspiration. Try 3D rather than 2D, change up your tools, mess around with a new typeface or even break some design rules and see what happens. Use social media site like Pinterest and Instagram for ideas and try a few out in your spare time. Experimenting is bound to bring you a lot of designs that don’t work, but you’re sure to find a few successes along the way.

Seek feedback

Feedback from others in your industry is an essential way to promote your own growth as an artist. Criticism can often be difficult to swallow, but it’s more effective than positive feedback. Ask for honest feedback and critiques from a variety of people so you receive a variety of responses. A designer’s feedback will be more technical but a non-designer’s feedback will give you a better idea of what everyday people see when viewing your work.

Be sure to ask specific questions like “What sorts of emotions do you feel when you look at this piece?” or “What part of this design was your eye first drawn to?” This will help you receive more specific and constructive replies.

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