The essentials for building trust with your audience


Trust plays a big role in every buyer’s purchasing journey. Consumers are more likely to purchase a product solely because they trust the brand who made it. The more consumers purchase a product the more trust they have for the company that produces it. If they cannot rely on a product, then that trust is lost.

According to a Concerto Marketing Group and Research Now survey, 83 percent of consumers would recommend others to a company that they trusted, and 82 percent will continue to use that brand on a regular basis. In order to motivate your targeted audience to purchase your product, your company should focus on developing a trustworthy relationship with your audience.

Try out these strategies to help your company continue to build trust with your target audience.

Get to know your audience

In order to gain consumers’ trust, businesses must first understand who their target audience is, how they found the company and what influences them in their buying decisions. You can learn what audience wants by reading through your company reviews and testimonials, looking closely at your sales and by asking your customer service team to detail questions customers often ask.

Consistent content

In order to build and maintain trust, your business’ content marketing strategy should to be helpful and consistent. Consumer’s look for a solid understanding of what your company represents, and your content helps your targeted audience depend on the information you give. It is important to present to your audience something they can relate to. Whether that is through a video, social media post, direct mail or even a podcast.

Honesty is the best policy

It is important to be open and honest with your consumers. Pointing out your strengths as well as openly correcting any mistakes recognizes that you are not a “perfect” company.  No company is. It is better to be open and honest rather than hiding any mistakes. You can do this by leaving any negative reviews up on your site or social media. Reply back to these customers, apologize for any bad experience they may have had and ask how you can correct it. Honesty shows that you ultimately care for your audience and creates customer loyalty.

Be available

Being readily available and interacting with your targeted audience is a great way to develop trust. This type of contact is especially important when customers have questions or concerns regarding your product(s) or services. It is key to understand that if you are not answering their questions or comments in a timely matter, you could also lose that trust and credibility. Be the company your consumers can depend on for timely service and answers to their questions or complaints.

It takes time to build trust with your targeted audience. These strategies may not show results right away but be patient! It is important to understand that taking shortcuts will not have the best results for you and your company. If you keep doing things the right way and valuing your consumers, your sales goals will be attainable.

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