How to create an effective billboard


Billboards are a great way to sway impulsive drivers’ decisions on where to shop. According to Forbes, drivers make 68% of their shopping decisions while in the car. Additionally, 38% of drivers make their decisions to stop at the store while on their way home. These statistics are great reasons to consider investing in billboard advertising if you’re looking to increase awareness about your company.

Use this guide to create effective billboard advertisements:

Keep the message short

The average amount of time spent reading a billboard is six seconds. This means your message has to be clear and concise. When designing a billboard, think less is more concerning words. One, seven-word sentence or shorter is a good rule of thumb to follow when planning the ad’s content. Consider when you pass billboards. Do you read ones that feature a lot of text? If so, how much of that information do you actually retain? Since your audience in this form of advertising only has roughly six seconds to read your ad, your billboard ad’s message should be important, short and easy to read.

Keep the message simple

Billboards should be easy for drivers to process. You don’t want to distract drivers from the road which may cause accidents. Think of a message that has a simple and clear meaning. Don’t distract drivers with phone numbers or website addresses; billboards are not the place for a direct respond but rather are meant to increase brand awareness.

However, half of the drivers mentioned above who stop at the store on their way home say they received direction from the billboards. If you are planning to use a billboard near your company’s location, give directions (such as “next exit on the right”) to help guide those impulsive drivers to you.

Be creative

There are many design possibilities when designing a billboard, from 3D, to moving parts, to animated. Let your creative juices flow. With such little time for drivers to see your billboard, your design makes all the difference. You simply can’t afford to have a boring billboard as your main goal is to catch a driver’s attention. Stick with image relating to your brand and find a captivating way to get your message across.

Check out these billboards for creative inspiration. One thing they all have in common is unique design and a simple message.

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