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Sometimes your business might find itself in a direct mail rut. The good news is that with all the technology and resources available, there are many different options for direct mail campaigns for businesses. The USPS recently released 16 direct mail case studies for inspiration, featuring technology innovations that can transform your marketing efforts, build brand equity and increase market share.

Here is a look at a few of our favorite case studies from their list, as well as some of our own:

Quick responses and organized sports

Event managers were looking for a way to create a single unifying experience for their attendees, and QR codes were able to provide the seamless solution. In this case study, over 50 unique codes were created and added to different signage, print publications, e-tickets and more. When you scanned, these QR codes provided details, allowed sports fans to share their experiences through social media, brought people to the mobile store and directed them to apps. In the end, QR-code users scanned event material an average of 1.6 times. Attendees of all ages responded, but the largest group of scanners were ages 55 and up.

Mobile-in-print and insurance

After a multi-national insurance company heard multiple complaints about their help line, they decided it was time to make a change. The company simplified the experience of calling in to the business and waiting for an agent by sending out mobile-in-print mailers that allowed customers to use the keypad embedded on the page to enter their mobile telephone number and license plate information. Once the information was submitted, customers received instant insurance quotes on their mobile devices.

Conductive inks and beer companies

Conductive inks are an up-and-coming technology that mix ink with carbon, copper or silver, which then serves as a wire for an electronic device. Although still in research and development, conductive ink can generate noise, pull up an app and light a bulb. Becks, a beer company in New Zealand, created innovative outdoor media to coincide with New Zealand’s Music Month. Their ads were designed to look like audio equipment with functioning buttons for users to press. When touched, these “Playable Posters” became 80-watt speakers with 20 touch points and over 12 minutes of new music and audio.

Lumpy mail for restaurant owners

Ben E. Keith, a distributor of food service products and premium alcoholic beverages, located in Little Rock, Arkansas, frequently uses hospitality and food trade shows to showcase their newest products. The company had committed to participating in a new event in Memphis, Tennessee, but wanted to maximize their return by attracting restaurant owners, chefs and others in the industry to this event. A multi-touch campaign was developed that utilized a direct mail invitation followed by a dimensional mail piece. The “lumpy mail” campaign yielded a 52% response rate with recipients visiting Ben E. Keith’s booth at the show.

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