What’s behind direct mail’s resurgence?


It’s safe to say we’re all a little tired of the article headlines that state, “Print is NOT dead!” or “Direct mail is still alive and well.” Once thought to be a dying market, direct mail is making a big comeback—so, what’s causing this resurgence?

Instead of telling you that you need to be incorporating direct mail into your print marketing strategies (we’ve already got an article about that), we want to focus on the reason behind direct mail’s resurgence and what it can mean for today’s modern business.

Back from the dead

Whether you want to call it “back from the dead” or just the “comeback kid,” direct mail is finding its way back into your mailbox and marketer’s hearts. What’s behind this impressive resurgence?

Wide array of options

Previously, direct mail options were extremely limited with only a few designs and a choice of paper or card. Today, there is an innovative range of direct mail design and materials options that we have not seen before, giving companies the options to include coupons, brochures or integrate technology such as QR codes. Companies have the ability to use new and unique ideas to grab consumer’s attention.

 Commodity of time

Direct mail provides companies with the commodity of time—time to communicate the message effectively, convey emotions and convert the customer. This form of marketing can be read at your customers’ leisure and is less time-sensitive than other strategies. This allows marketers to really take the time to understand their demographic and hash out the message that they would like to deliver to them.

Provides a physical item with a personal touch

Unlike e-mails, commercials or radio spots, direct mail produces a physical item that is kept by the consumer. While many forms of marketing are fleeting or quickly forgotten, direct mail in the form of postcards, brochures or catalogs serves as a subconscious reminder of the brand and product. Seventy percent of Americans say mail is more personal than the Internet—consumers still love direct mail and they appreciate a genuine touch. When compared to other marketing options direct mail makes consumers feel more valued.

Less mailbox competition

Most companies are making the shift to online or paperless billing, which means the average amount of mail that households are receiving is much lower than it has previously been. Potential customers that you are reaching through direct mail are more willing to listen and receive your mail.

It’s already a “tried and true” method

Many online, mobile or technology marketing strategies are new experiences for companies, leaving them unsure of the process or results. Direct mail, on the other hand, has been a popular method of marketing year after year. Despite the recent dip in popularity, direct mail has been tested and tried by companies of all sizes in every industry and yields returns.

While incorrectly believed to be a dying marketing strategy, direct mail is making its comeback and reminding companies why they previously loved this approach. As technologies continue to improve, the opportunities for direct mail marketing is looking positive and exciting. We would love to help you utilize direct mail in your business marketing strategy.

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