Does postcard size matter?


Gone are the days when the size of a postcard was one-size-fits-all (aka 4”x6”). Today, postcards come in all shapes and sizes. From a smaller 4” by 6” all the way to 8.5” by 11”, there are a variety of postcard options. Size doesn’t really matter so long as your message is being heard, right? A postcard is a postcard.

Actually, in this case, size does matter. If you’re unsure how to determine the best postcard size for you and your business, we’ve laid out three guidelines to guide you in the decision.

Consider your design

Postcard marketing has strategies of its own, and the type of marketing can help determine the mailing size. Put yourselves in the shoes of the recipients and think about what your customers are going to see when they receive this mailing. Consider the design and which size compliments the layout best. If there is a lot of content to be shared as well as an extensive design, a larger sized postcard might be necessary.  However, smaller and simpler designs can do just fine on a smaller sized postcard.

Consider your budget

Cost is a major factor to consider when determining the size of the postcard you want to use. Postcard prices are determined by size and weight. Every inch and added weight will add to the price. From the paper you choose, to eye-catching additions, these alterations will play a role in the final cost. Small embellishments are possibilities are available to make pieces of mail stand out. Stickers, ribbons and magnets are fun additions that will ultimately come with a price tag.

Consider catching your audience’s attention

When potential clients go to check their mail and they pull out a stack of advertisements, letters and postcards. Will your postcard stand out among the rest and draw their attention? A smaller postcard might save your company a considerable amount of money – and perhaps small is all you need to get noticed. However, small mailings have a higher potential of getting “lost in the shuffle.” Larger mailings may have a better chance at standing out in a pile of mail. Small isn’t ineffective, and large won’t always guarantee results. It’s all about what is right for you.

Deciding on postcard size doesn’t have to cause a headache (however, if you don’t avoid these common mistakes, you might end up with a headache after all), it just takes a brainstorming session with your team to come up with your business’s needs. When you’re ready to print, give us a call.

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