3 Fabric options for your next indoor banner display



Fabric displays have continued to be a trendy display at events like trade shows and company networking meetings. Not only is fabric signage much easier and lighter to transport than non-fabric options; fabric signage also allows for more creativity with the shape and contours of a display. However, it’s important to choose the correct fabric to achieve the look you are imagining. Each fabric listed below is durable for indoor use and priced similarly to the others, so it’s best to choose based on what you plan to print on the fabric and then how you plan to use it. Check out our suggestions:

1. Satin Fabrics

Satin is the best fabric to use for hanging dye sub cloth banners or posters, which are most common in retail stores. The knit of the material shows the image with a hint of sheen to the image, which is great for catching the eye of customers. However, because satins tend to be a lighter, sheerer material than polyester blends, they have a tendency to gain permanent wrinkles during transport. A different fabric might be a better option if you’re looking for a sign you can fold and reuse for events.

2. Polyester and Nylon Fabric

Though polyester and nylon fabrics can wrinkle, they are less likely to do so than satin fabrics, and their heavier weight means a quick run through the washer can rid most creases. After satin, polyester and nylon knits are the other materials most commonly used for fabric retail signage. Nylon is the more durable of the two and tends to be more expensive because of this. Both are synthetic fabrics and flame retardant.

3. Polyester/Lycra Fabric Blends

This fabric is best for stretching over a frame since the lycra allows for more give. Most of the fabric signs seen at events will be made of a polyester lyrca blend to allow for easy set up and tear down. These signs are often larger than those used in retail displays and must be stretched over a frame to achieve the full effect. Polyester and lycra are materials also often used in clothing because of the movement it allows. This blend is also very resistant to fading, making it great to use for fabric displays in windows or areas that receive direct sunlight.

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