First impressions: Stepping up your retail décor


We all know the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” but does anyone actually follow that? Imagine your retail store being your “book”. On average, it takes a women nine seconds to decide to enter a store, a man 13 seconds. When a customer walks by, they peer into your retail store, they are judging you, your business and the quality of your products.  This is why the design and decoration processes are so important; they can either contribute to your business or deter from it.

Here are four areas of your store to make sure personify your brand’s personality to your target customers.

1. Window Displays

Whether your store is located in a strip mall, a regular mall or downtown, your window displays have the ability to pull customers in from afar. Window displays are a great place to showcase new products and advertise any sales or discounts you have going on. Be careful not to overstock your window displays though; if they look cluttered customers will think the same about your store and won’t bother stopping in.

2. Store entrance

Once you have captured your customers attention from your window displays, your next area of focus is the entrance. This is your decompression zone for your customers, a very important aspect to your store layout. Your entrance should always be clean and organized. Entrance displays are a good idea, but make sure they aren’t too close to your doors. Making customers shuffle past product displays will give them a negative impression. Open space is more welcoming.

3. Walls

Bare walls are boring, and walls filled with shelves can create a claustrophobic feeling. Test out different design elements to add colors and décor to your walls. Be mindful of the power wall—a wall that purposefully draws traffic to that area of your store. Often times it is the first wall that a customer sees but also can be specifically placed to draw traffic into a slow area of your store.

4. Checkout counter

Your store design shouldn’t stop at the cash wrap. This is one of the most important places in your store—customer service here should be above par as this is the last verbal interaction you will have with a customer. Visuals should also be above par, decorate your white walls with paintings, signs or other decorations. Get creative with your counter and surrounding space, dress up your counter with different panels or fabric prints. If you need any inspiration, check out these examples on Pinterest.

Once you’ve picked out your store layout and displays, contact us for your design needs!

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