How fonts and colors can influence your audience


If you’re simply picking fonts and colors for your designs based on what you like, you might want to think again. There is more science behind colors and fonts than you think, and they can be the persuading factors that motivate your customers to take action.

An article published by Kissmetrics reveals that 93 percent of people rank visual appearance as their biggest buying factor, and 85 percent say color is the primary reason to buy an item.

The fact is colors and fonts appeal to people’s emotions and often influence their purchase decisions. Here are a few tips for choosing the right colors and fonts for your designs based on how they affect your consumers.


Different colors depict certain moods and feelings. Color improves readership by 40 percent, learning from 55 percent to 78 percent and comprehension by 73 percent! The numbers are here to prove it – color is an important factor in your print marketing materials.

Here’s a quick look at the psychological properties of the four primary colors:

  • Blue: trustworthy, cool, calm, honest
  • Yellow: optimistic, logical, playful, confident
  • Red: love, energy, exciting, passionate
  • Green: growth, fresh, earth, natural

For more in-depth look into how your colors affect your print marketing, we’ve got it here.


The fonts you choose can also have impacts on your consumers. According to, “Using the wrong font may give people the wrong impression about you and could affect decisions that will shape your future.”

The right font can play a key role in appealing to your customers and keeping their attention. Mistakes such as choosing fonts that are difficult to read, the wrong size or too crowded can all turn off potential customers and prevent them from understanding your message. For more tips on choosing the right font, check here.

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