A fresh take on stickers


You might think of superheroes and princesses when you hear stickers, but did you ever think of how often you actually use stickers within your own business?

Why use stickers?

Business and brand stickers come in a range of sizes and shapes, and you can print pretty much anything on them, which makes them an ideal marketing tool. They can be a cheap and effective option, but the key is designing stickers that will appeal to your customer’s base.

Stickers should go beyond just stating your company name and contact information. Use your logo, colors, a clever image, witty pun or funny phrase that catches the eye and gets your message across. The goal of a sticker promotion is to elevate the profile of your business through increased visibility, so take advantage of marketing opportunities that come along.

How to use stickers

Here are 5 ways your business can use stickers to help promote your brand and products:

1. Add them to your business cards

Business cards should stand out from the crowd and accurately represent your brand. Add a sticker to your business card with your brand’s logo that customers can peel away and save.

2. Spruce up your packaging

Letters, samples, client gifts and product packing are all canvases for your stickers with your brand. Have you ever gone to a bakery to pick up a cake? Many of these boxes come with the baker’s logo sealed on top. Think of all the packaging that your office sends out, and remember to add a sticker to it. You can also seal your letters or cards to help get your brands name out there and add a personal touch.

3. Enhance your environment

Self-adhesive vinyl stickers are a great option for branding your environment. Decals can be added to the walls of your office, placed in your business windows, stuck on to company vehicles or more!

4. Direct them to your social media accounts

Is your brand present on social media? Use stickers with your different account usernames or handles and direct potential customers to check out and like your social media pages.

5. Spice up your tradeshow giveaways

Hand out branded stickers to clients at tradeshows or events. It is a small and easy option for handouts. Stickers aren’t your thing? Here are 10 other creative handouts for your next tradeshow.

Looking for more creative ways to use stickers or decals for your business? Give Imagine!Express a call and we can let you know all the different options available.

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