Say goodbye to these 3 packaging design trends

DATE:May 21, 2018

As we all know, trends come and go. Within the product packaging industry, the cycle is no different. In recent years especially, younger generations have become more concerned with protecting the environment. One poll, taken by Clinton Global Initiative and Microsoft, found that 76% of millennials considered themselves to be morefocused on the environment than their parents. As younger generations grow older and begin to make up a larger percentage of company’s target audiences, it is no surprise that new trends in packaging design are sustainable and environmentally conscious.

Below, we’ve identified three trends you can part with this year. Understanding the trends that have come and ones that have passed will be key in drawing younger buyers’ attention and business.

Trend #1: Using plastic

Plastic has long been a way for companies to protect their products by with wrapping them, stuffing a box or creating a “window effect” for the product in its outer packaging. However, as younger generations begin to purchase more items, they are prioritizing businesses with environmentally friendly approaches to packaging. Whether it be less plastic in shipping or no plastic at all, customers are demanding it and companies must provide it.

Amazon has rolled out “frustration free packaging,” where all the materials used to pack a box are recyclable. Companies like Lush have committed to either no plastic packaging or using only 100% post-consumer plastic (plastic that has served its intended life and is recycled).

Trend #2: One package fits all

We know that creating one type of packaging often is the most cost effective upfront. However, personalization can create a bond with your customers that guarantees repeat business. From skin care, to vitamins to clothes, more and more brands are joining the personalization trend.

One of the most popular personalization trend is the Coca-Cola “Share a Coke” campaign. Coca-Cola produced their cans and bottles with different names and encouraged consumers to share a coke with whoever’s name was on the can/bottle. Coke reported selling 250 million named bottles in the first year, proving their thought that consumers enjoy personalization.

Trend #3: Single use packaging

Sustainability is another popular and environmentally friendly trend more brands are choosing. This goes not just for the products, but for the product packaging as well. Many brands have started implementing multipurpose packing. The possibilities are endless, whether it is made of biodegradable material used to nourish plants or meant to be refilled or reused rather than tossed after the first use.

As trends continue to change, we predict sustainability and environmental responsibility will remain at the forefront. When you’re ready to flush out some new packaging ideas, get in touch with us. We’d be happy to brainstorm with you and be your printer of choice.

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