How to choose the best logo colors

DATE:April 6, 2018

Choosing your logo design may be stressful, but it also is one of the most important aspects of creating a brand identity. Your logo will be a tool for your customers to recognize you. One large part of logo design is the colors you choose for your logo. Colors have a way of influencing the mind, knowing which colors work best for your brand is very important.

Here are a few on how to choose the right colors for your logos.

Color psychology

Each color has a specific meaning, feelings and emotions that people feel and think when they see it. This may be more subconscious, but understanding the psychology is an important step in choosing your logo color. Once you choose a color, it is important to understand that each shade creates a different meaning. For instance, light red often inspires thoughts of passion, desire and love while dark red is known for vigor, anger and wrath. Chose the shade wisely!

Colors do influence a customer’s opinion of your brand. For example, high-end products are known for using of black in logos as this color is perceived as prestigious, classic and bold. Companies like Apple, Lexus, Chanel and Audi all use black in their logo. This goes for the subconscious as well. Red is said to stimulate appetite (though there is no science behind this), which is why many food companies using red in their logo.

Know what is normal

Looking to the industry you’re in is another step that will give you an idea of what other successful brand logos look like. Of the top 100 brands in the world, 51% use only one color in their logo, with blue being the most popular and black coming in second.  This is a good take-away; using one or two colors is the norm for most brands.

Nothing is permanent

Choosing logo colors can be intimidating if you have the fear of committing to those colors for life. It is perfectly acceptable to change your logo if your original colors aren’t feeling right. Part of owning a business is evolving—sometimes your logo will need to evolve too. As you grow as a company you will outgrow certain aspects. Changing your logo is a natural step in business growth. Some of the most popular companies have gone through logo evolution. Some of these brands kept their colors, some didn’t.

Feeling like choosing your logo color in a fun way? Check out this quiz.

Once you decide on the color, make sure you also choose the best font to accompany it.

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