How to incorporate fabric printing into your pop-up shop

DATE:March 14, 2018

Pop-up shops are a great way to raise brand awareness and reach a new audience, especially for retailers. They are often seen as fun, interactive shops that consumers can conveniently browse a select range of items. To catch attention, you need signage. We’re not just talking any type of signage, but one in particular. For ease of set up and take down as well as maximum impact, consider fabric signage.

Fabric printing is the process of printing images or words onto fabric, oftentimes made out of vinyl. These are often weather proof but can consist of different fabrics.

To help you visualize ways to utilize fabric signage in your pop-up shop, we’ve detailed three ways to use fabric printing in your pop-up shop:

1. Banners

Banners are an inexpensive way to grab your target audience’s attention. Plus, there are a wide variety of creative possibilities with banners. They are lightweight, making them easy to place and move. Fabric banners can also be used more than once because they are easy to take down and put up.

2. Window displays

If your pop-up is occupying a store with windows, be sure to capitalize on this marketing opportunity. Window displays are a great way to promote your sales and specials without having to worry about city permits. Window displays are also a great way to increase brand awareness as you can grab a passerby’s attention with colorful and creative graphics on your fabric signage.

4. Interior/Exterior walls

The great thing about fabric printed signage is that it can be stretched and flexed to fit whatever hardware you are attaching it to. There are so many different possibilities with how you set up a fabric printed sign: it can be in a circle, it can be in a corner or on a curved surface. This variety of possibilities allows you to showcase your brand’s personality through your signage and catch the eye of passersby more so than a traditional straight board.

If you’re setting up a pop-up shop, we would love to help you out by printing any fabric signage you need. Let’s get in touch!

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