Interactive features to make your brochures more engaging

DATE:August 7, 2015

Digital, social and mobile technologies are all changing the way people interact with print marketing. Consumers are no longer want brands and print marketing that simply talk to them, but engages them. You can print more effective marketing tools by including interactive design features that will engage your consumers and encourage them to take the next steps in the purchasing process.

Below are 4 tips for creating interactive brochures to help your print marketing stand out:

1. Unique materials and textures

There are so many different materials and papers available for printing your brochures on. Have you heard of the printable lightpaper? It’s a new method to print lighting and apply it to nearly any surface, in any shape, for any situation. While this option may seem a little extreme, it’s just one of many to choose. In addition, you can include textured materials or printing technologies to engage your audiences senses and give the perception of quality. Keep your audience in mind when choosing textures, but likely you will see a response from choosing a unique material or texture.

2. QR codes

With Wifi connectivity becoming more universal and QR code readers becoming pre-loaded options on devices, QR codes are still a great option for print marketing engagement. When paired with the right type of brochure marketing campaign, these codes will allow consumers to navigate to an informational page, download a mobile app, download a coupon, sign up for a newsletter of like a social media channel.

3. Social media engagement

Ask viewers to “like” or “follow” your social media pages, but give them reward for doing so, such as a coupon, discount or special access to features. Adding a social media call to action on a brochure is simple and cost effective. Consider integrating your social media and print marketing campaigns together through hashtag campaigns.

4. Scan-to-call options

There is still power in the use of the telephone and many consumers still appreciate the personal touch of being able to pick up the phone and speak with a customer service representative. Consider adding a scannable office phone number that allows viewers to immediately call your company from their mobile device. Offer an incentive for using the mobile scan option to encourage potential customers to take that step and create a brand loyalty.

If you want to impress potential customers, encourage engagement, generate leads and potentially increase revenue, it might be time to add more interactive features to your print brochures. Consumers enjoy creative, interactive pieces that represent a brand’s time and effort. If you would like to create engaging, interactive brochures that grab your audience’s attention, we’ve got the resources to help!

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