Why buy online pick up in store is right for you

DATE:October 29, 2018

Last month we turned your attention to the latest trend in retail, buying items online and picking them up in-stores (BOISP). Essentially, this is a way for consumers to have the best of both worlds; A fast and convenient shopping experience while avoiding shipping costs and wait times. This trend is geared toward the consumer on the go. Now the real question is, should your business get in on this trend as well? To help you make the best-informed decision for your company, we have provided a few reasons why BOISP is right for you.

Ensure orders

Many consumers might be looking for one specific “hot on the market” item that is never on the shelves by the time they get to the store. When participating in online purchasing and in-store pick up, customers can lock-in their requested order to make sure it’s available when they arrive to pick it up.

Forgetting an item…

Let’s face it. There are times when we’re out shopping and forget that one item that we needed. Buying online and picking up in-store allows customers to find the item they need and immediately pick it up on their way home. This way, the customer comes back to your store to pick up the item that they forgot in a quick and convenient way. This will encourage more customers to come through your doors.

Notifications and marketing opportunities

Many BOISP retail stores give consumers a notification when their order is ready for pick up. This not only makes it convenient for customers, but it also provides a great opportunity to market to current customers. Gathering their contact information is the first step and an open door to share upcoming sales, exclusive holiday items and even BOGOs!

An increased online presence

Increasing your online presence is never a bad idea for your business. Technology is constantly changing, and more individuals are shopping from the comfort of their homes. Creating a strong online presence with BOISP can help your business and create an avenue to understand your primary audience.

Offer curbside pick-up

BOISP’s focus is to make the shopping experiences as convenient as possible for the customer. The idea of a curbside pickup is just another great opportunity to cater to your audience when they pick up their online order.

Now that you can weigh the options and consider implementing BOISP, we have a few suggestions to spice up your retail store! Check out our fabric printing capabilities. It might be just what your business needs this season.

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