Luxury packaging: What, why and how


What is luxury packaging?

When buying luxury items, the product packaging and design plays a very important role in the experience. Take, for instance, Tiffany’s little blue box wrapped in a white bow—the beautiful green-blue color (No. 1873 on the Pantone chart) has not been commercially available since 1998 because of it’s trademark. You can only receive the trademarked box if you purchase an item from the store first, and if you try to sell your empty box online, a Tiffany’s attorney will likely try to get a hold of you.

So imagine going to the Tiffany’s store and purchasing a pricey necklace, only to have them wrap it in a plastic grocery bag before they hand it over to you… that’s not how this works!

Why consider luxury packaging?

When it comes to overall satisfaction of a product, consumers place packaging almost as important as the branding itself. When you purchase an expensive item, you want it to come in a package that excites and entices you. Luxury packaging adds value, reinforces the brand and builds customer loyalty.

How to provide luxury packaging

Consider the following three factors when creating luxury packaging for your product:

Shelf appeal

You want your product to stand out on the shelves from other products and give the appearance of “premium quality.” Visuals such as muted colors, matte finishes and artisanal materials can all have the appeal of a premium product.


Customers are looking for products with packages that are easy to open, maintain their own freshness and are easily portable. Not only do these qualities portray functionality, but also a promise of a quality and luxury brand.

Appealing to the Senses

Believe it or not, sensory qualities of a package can portray luxury. The sounds that products make can be memorable of a brand and satisfying to the consumer. In addition, consumers respond to the right touch and textures by perceiving luxury and creating a connection. 

Is your packaging portraying the quality and luxury of your product and brand? Make sure you are investing in the functional and sensory qualities of your packaging to enhance the appeal of luxury packaging. Contact us for more ideas on how to make your packaging pop!

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