Effectively marketing to Generation Z


Generation Z, also known as the Centennials, is the percentage of the population born from 1998 through 2016. They are the most racially diverse generation and the first generation who have only known life with advanced technology. Since Gen Z also makes up 26% of the population, the largest single populated segment, and its oldest members are beginning to participate in the global economy, marketers must understand how to effectively target this group.

We have previously covered ways to target market men, women, baby boomers, children and even millennials, but how do you advertise to the up and coming generation? Keep reading for some ideas on how to do just that!

A social generation

Generation Z is the first generation who have been exposed to social media since birth. Studies have shown that members of this group are connected to their social accounts for an average of 10 hours each day. As any marketer would tell you, it makes sense to market to them on the platforms they spend the most time. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat each could offer the right tools for your brand’s advertising campaigns.

Here are some samples of ways to advertise or market to Gen. Z on each social platform.

  • Facebook: Choose a paid marketing campaign that pop up on the home pages of your pre-selected target audiences.
  • Instagram: Your best option is crafting a sponsored advertisement that shows up as a post in your viewer’s feed.
  • Snapchat: Develop a filter that your targeted audience can use while communicating with their networks
  • Twitter: Creating short video content that grabs Gen. Z’s attention may motivate them to retweet. Another idea is to utilize hashtags in your company’s tweets that are both popular with your audience and relate to your industry.
  • YouTube: Develop a short ad that runs before your viewer’s intended video plays.

Stay up to date

According to Forbes, this generation has an attention span of eight seconds, meaning multitasking comes as a second nature. Because of this, if Gen. Z is your target audience, it is especially important to get your message across as clearly and quickly as possible. If your campaign is too wordy or your website is too complicated to navigate, they may move on more quickly than consumers in other age groups.

Since this generation is so tech savvy, it is key that brands are especially conscious about updating their digital appearance and design style. If your website is not mobile friendly or modernized and your pictures are not current, you could quickly lose the interest of this target audience. Be sure to be continually upgrading your online presence. Stay connected with the latest trends of social media, website design, search engine optimization (SEO), and this will help you remain interesting to Gen. Z consumers and will also help you keep up with your competitors.

What is your company’s culture?

Generation Z tends to gravitate towards companies that are actively involved in promoting a cause or giving back to communities. Highlighting your company’s mission statement, values and culture demonstrates how serious you are about the work you do and the communities around you. Do not only talk about your company culture; consistently show them what it looks like.

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