Why mixing print advertising with social media is a great idea


Since digital and print are viewed as such opposite mediums and oftentimes are thought to be in competition with one another, it’s hard to imagine that sometimes the best strategy an advertiser can employ is to use them together. Social media especially does well to compliment print advertising campaigns because of its versatility and potential for reaching a large audience quickly. On board but not sure how to make it happen? Hear us out.

The reason why

If you believe the majority of people use the internet as their primary source for news and information, you’d be correct, and it’s been that way for many years. This is the main reason why integrating your print advertising with your online presence is so important. Print advertising is not in steep decline as many believe, but echoing your message online will give you a wider platform.

Social media is also the cheapest form of advertising available today. If you’re on a tight budget, carefully craft a few print ads that you’re proud of and then focus the rest of your budget and attention on promoting these offers via your social channels.

What you’ll need

In order to successfully mix your print and social campaigns, there are at least two things your company needs to have first:

  • A well-established social presence: If you just recently started your social channels or have not been very active on them, be consistent in your posting at least a month before you promote your social channels on your print ads. You want people to find your social channels full of useful information about your industry and your company so they will interact. They won’t stay long or like your page if it’s a blank canvas with a single post every few weeks.
  • A clean, easy to find website: Your print ads and social channels aim to direct your audience to your website. Make sure that your website is looking it’s best before launching your social and print joint campaigns. An up-to-date design, lots of white space and clear wording are some things to keep in mind when deciding whether your website needs an update or not. Also, make sure that your website is one of the top results when searching for your company name so that it’s easy to find for new visitors.

The technique

Now that you’ve prepared your channels and cleaned up your website, you’re ready to begin connecting social with print. Here’s how:

  • Stay consistent across all channels: You want your brand recognized no matter if people are seeing your ads online or in print. Keeping your logo, typeface and voice consistent across both digital (this means your social channels and website!) and print will help your audience easily recognize your company.
  • Do more target audience research: Understanding who your target audience is, how they get their information and where they spend their time is important for any advertising campaign. It’s especially key when using both print and social media to advertise. Print may reach a different audience than your social posts will, so be sure that you alter your advertising accordingly.
  • Hold back a little: Because the goal is to draw your audience back to your website, don’t give all your information away with ads on either channel. Don’t just post a copy of your print ad on your social media. Vary your ads and how much information you reveal, encouraging people to visit your website for further information or to get in touch with you.
  • Use hashtags: Creating a hashtag for each of your campaigns is an easy way to connect print and digital. Include the campaign’s hashtag on the physical print ad to encourage your audience to interact with you on your Twitter and Instagram channels. They can find the hashtag and follow your campaign, even posting their own tweets or photos to join the conversation.
  • Advertise for both: Put your social media channels on your print advertisements so those receiving the print ads know that you are also online. Dedicate a part of your website to a sign up for your mailing list. Promote your direct mail list by posting a link to the sign up on your social channels every few weeks.

In conclusion, both print and online advertising are necessary, as they each reach a unique audience that the other may not. But when used in conjunction, they have the potential to greatly increase the success of your advertising campaigns.

Printing is our specialty here at Imagine!Express. Let us know when you’re ready to launch your next print ad- we’d love to work with you!

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