Postcard marketing secrets revealed


“Secrets, secrets are no fun, unless you share them with everyone!”

Did your mom or a classmate ever pull that little rhyme on you when you were trying to tell a secret? It’s true – when you’re left out from a secret it can be a little frustrating. The good news is we have some secrets and we want to share them with you. Here are a few tips for creating successful postcard campaigns:

Make it multi-purpose

Encourage your customers to reuse your postcards for more than just a marketing message. Your postcards will have more visibility if you make it multipurpose and somehow useful. For example, a back-to-school mailing can have a blank space included to make a checklist for back-to-school shopping. In addition, many real estate agents will include a calendar of events in the local area on their marketing postcards. By adding these little additions, customers are more likely to save your postcard.

Add dimension

Consider this: You receive an envelope in the mail and you can feel there is an object inside. You’re not just going to throw the envelope away, are you? Naturally you’re going to be curious enough to see what’s inside your envelope. Envelopes with an object inside typically have a 100% open rate. If you don’t want to add the extra envelope and object, consider adding texture to your postcard. Keep your audience in mind when choosing textures, but likely picking the right option will encourage action and response.

Free samples

Another option to increase postcard response is to add a free sample to let customers know what you’re offering and a trial run to ensure they want the product. Provide a link to your website where your customer can request a free sample to be mailed, or include a code that can be brought in to the store to receive the sample.

Add a stamp

Admit it, you can spot a mass mailing in your box pretty easily. Mass postcard mailings are usually easy to spot and don’t reflect a personalized touch. The good news is with the amount of data available to marketers today, personalizing direct mail is becoming increasingly easier and reasonably priced. Even the simple act of adding a real stamp to your mailing adds a sense of personalization. Consider other personalization options to help improve the return on investment by an average of 50 percent.

60-30-10 rule

What is the secret formula to a successful direct marketing campaign? Take into consideration the 60-30-10 rule:

  • 60% of your success is dependent on your database
  • 30% of your success is based of your offer and message
  • 10% of your success is based on your creative and marketing vehicle

These are just a few secrets to help you create powerful and successful marketing postcards. We would love to share a few more direct mail and fulfillment tips with you. We can also help you create and print your next postcard campaign.

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