Why you need to incorporate print into your 2019 marketing strategy


As you begin looking to your 2019 marketing plan, where does print fall into place? Brands may be quick to discount the value of a solid print marketing strategy thanks to nasty rumors that print is dead. We’re here to set the record straight—print is not dead. However, the way it is used (often in tandem with digital channels) is changing.

Read on for a few ways to integrate print marketing into your brand’s strategy for 2019 and why print will still be a key channel in your marketing strategy for years to come.

Print garners trust

Printed materials (magazines particularly) continue to remain the most trusted source of information, especially for business-to-business marketing. One survey conducted in 2017 by Two Sides found that consumers are on high alert for “fake news.” This results in just 35% reporting news stories they found on social media to be trustworthy, while 56% of consumers will trust news they read in printed newspapers. Consider marketing with print as a way to build on the trust you’ve already established with your target audience.

Printed messages last longer

This is true in two ways. First, a piece of direct mail often lives on your customers’ counters for an average of 17 days of arriving in their mail box. If you send out a promoted tweet, that same consumer may see it but they are more likely to scroll post and never view the ad again. Print has a longer lifespan in this way. A second way print lasts is in consumers’ memories. Studies have shown that students score higher on reading comprehension tests when they read from print material versus words on a screen.

Print has less competition

You may have noticed that more and more companies are moving away from print (or seemingly moving away from print) and putting all of their eggs into the digital marketing basket. And while we will tell you why it’s a better idea to integrate them rather than separate them, those are that going to all-digital leave the competition open for you. In 2017, just one out of three businesses were using print in their marketing efforts. It’s not something that is always seen, but when used, it can be very effective in that it provides more details, gets noticed and provides a break from the screen for your audiences that may be overwhelmed from all the “noise” they’re already getting online.

Print integrates in many channels

Integrating print into your marketing strategy can work across multiple channels, too. Print is a great way to reach customers where they physically are offline while digital marketing will do the legwork for getting your brand in front of this audience when they are online. And when you have cohesive messaging on all channels—digital and print combined—your audience is more likely to remember what you are trying to communicate because they are exposed to it in many places.

Because of these strategies complement each other well, consider using an omnichannel marketing approach to your strategy. This means using both digital and print as channels to reach the same audience rather than thinking of each channel as a separate way to connect with different individuals.

In past blog posts we’ve suggested using personalized variable printing, QR codes and including social media handles on print materials as ways to integrate your digital and print strategies in an omnichannel approach. Let your digital and print strategies work together in the new year.

Now that you have the how-to, go forward with your marketing strategy for 2019 with digital and print working side by side. When you’re ready to work with a stellar team of print experts, we’re ready! Check out our services and give us a call. We’d love to become your print company of record for all your projects in 2019 and beyond.

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