A few print marketing treats for you on Halloween


Happy Halloween! We really don’t think it’s fair that the kids are out getting all the candy and having all the fun, so if you’re in the marketing department of your company, we’ve got a few treats for you today too.

Here are 5 print marketing tips, or treats, to help you market your business professionally through your print materials:

halloween print marketing infograph

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  1. Keep the look clean and simple – you don’t want to scare readers away with visual overload.
  1. Use white space – White space serves as a visual frame for the rest of the content on the page.
  1. Stick with standard formats – If you go with an unusual size, your pieces may not lend themselves to being filed easily for reference.
  1. Keep it in the family – All of your print materials should all look planned as a compatible unit.
  1. Invest in good photography – Whether it be a personal photographer or a better stock photo membership option, quality photos are key.

Print marketing doesn’t have to be difficult for your business! Looking for some more tips or help, give us a call at Imagine! Express and we can get you going on your next project.

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