Print materials needed for a successful trade show


There are many moving parts to a successful trade show. Planning, promotion and displays all have one common denominator; print materials. Planning for a trade show should start at least three months prior. This guarantees that all the moving parts will come together in time.

Promoting your upcoming trade show should be a top priority. Without promotion, your target audience won’t know to come visit. During the trade show, your display can make or break your success.

Use this checklist of print materials you’ll need to guarantee a successful event.

__ Post Cards

Sending postcards out in advance is a great way to let your target market know what you are up to. Be sure to include a warm and inviting greeting with the dates, times and location of the trade show. Don’t forget to add in your booth number so they don’t have any issues with finding you.

__ Business Cards

Business cards are a great way to create a contact with your target market. Consider creating generic business cards, ones with just the company information but no employee names. This is helpful if someone runs out of a business cards, you can then write in names as you hand them out.

__ Lead Cards

Business cards are a great way to give your information to the visitors, but lead cards are a great way to receive information from visitors. If you collect lead cards, make sure to actually follow up with the visitors you received information from promptly after the show has ended.

__ Brochures

Brochures are a great way to put your important company information in a small, easy-to-read sheet. The brochures should reflect the knowledge of your trade show staff. These brochures should be filled with enough information to answer questions your booth visitors may ask.

__ Order forms

Nothing shows your commitment to your customers more than being ready at all times to place an order for them. Trade shows are no different. Having order forms on hand shows that you’re prepared and eliminates the risk of losing customer to your competition because they can’t order instantly.

__ Signage

Attracting visitors to your booth will rely solely on your booth’s ability to capture their attention by the design. Creating visual aspects through signage will help engage your potential customers. These visual aspects can range from classic fabric banners, to fabric booth walls to table covers.

The type of paper can impact visitors’ view of your company; make sure your trade show print materials are printed well and with quality, so they communicate what you want and put your company’s best face forward.

After determining what you’ll need, the next step is choosing where you are getting your print materials printed. Check out our capabilities to see if we are right print company for the job. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions!

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