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No need to travel to Imagine! Express to drop off a disc or flash drive. Simply fill out the form below and leave the rest to us. Have special instructions? No problem. Choose your sales representative and they will be instantly notified with all provided information. As soon as you click upload, our team goes to work.

Be sure to consult our file specifications before uploading artwork.

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Our upload system does not support this device. In order to upload files, please access our site using a desktop computer.


  • Please remove spaces from your filename before uploading.
  • Files must be less than 1GB in size.
  • To reduce upload times, please submit artwork as a self-extracting Zip file or as Stuffit documents.
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Template Files:

In order to make the concept-to-creation process as seamless as possible, here are templates for some of the products we produce. For further information contact your sales representative.