Retail marketing trends to watch


A significant number of our print projects are done for retail companies, and it has been interesting to watch all the changes taking place in the retail industry. Here is a look at a few current trends that are currently shaping the retail industry:

Peer-to-peer exchange of goods

Some of the biggest examples of peer-to-peer exchange of goods include start-ups such as AirBnB, Uber or Etsy. These companies represent a collaborative economy, in which communities are providing services and products, rather than just centralized “institutions.” Many larger retail brands are embracing this idea, not by stopping their own production, but rather allowing these collaborative startups to work with them or in their stores.

Retail apps are now a significant channel

Apps are now a major revenue source for retailers, and as connected time spent on smartphones continues to increase, apps will likely also continue to increase in popularity. When sending out and creating print marketing for your retail brand, always remind readers to check out your site on mobile apps and social media channels.

On- and offline data will become unified

Today’s consumers go through multiple channels on their purchase path, both on and offline. Retail brands must be collecting and studying all this data together in order to have a comprehensive view of their customer’s buying journey and what their demographics looks like. Retail brand may be surprised to find how their offline data can actually relate to and affect their online data.

Stimulate the senses

In a study conducted by consumer psychologist and academic Eric Spangenberg, they found that in a local clothing store, when “feminine scents” like vanilla were used, sales of women’s clothes doubled. They also found a similar result with men’s clothing when scents like “rose maroc” were used. Vision, touch, smell and sound can all affect a buyer’s experience, and not just in stores. Consider implementing different print marketing or in-store signs that play with your customer’s senses.

Uniform approach to marketing

As the number of on and offline marketing channels seems to increase, it is more important than ever for retail brands to be creating a uniform brand. Customer’s need to be able to recognize a retail company across all channels, with similar fonts, colors, slogans and voice.

If you are a retail brand looking to keep up with the current marketing trends or take a fresh approach to your retail signage, Imagine! Express can help.

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